Some data from the Call for Proposals

Our first Call for Proposals ended a week ago, here are some numbers: 286 total applications. 182 (64%) creative catalyst / 104 (36 %) foundational tech. 19% of applications were Spark, 40% Mid Level & 40% Flagship. Countries include Estonia, Nigeria & Israel amongst many others!


I hate to be ‘that guy’, but given the great response you’ve had, how many weeks do you think it’ll take before everyone knows if they were successful, or not?

No worries, the numbers were right at what we expected and were planning for. This means our original timeline holds, we plan on announcing in September. We will spend July/August in a robust judging process and once we have the awardees decided we will need to have grant agreements in place before public announcements. But applicants will be informed before public, most likely in early September.

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Excellent, thanks for letting us know.

In hindsight, a few of my timeline estimates may require a tardis to fulfil (for some reason I thought we’d find out in August) but hopefully that won’t be an issue. The timespans are correct, it’s just the start date I miscalculated.

Yes, don’t sweat that. We understand timelines are dependent on aspects on our side. The intent of the planning is the key part even if its shifts by months.


Thanks for sharing. Our timeline is quite heavy and your info really helps. Cheers

Interesting spread of projects and across the different tiers as well. You have got your work cut out judging all of those. Best of luck.

is there a reason you couldn’t due rolling applications? i only learned about this today. having a hard deadline is exclusive of people who weren’t in the know.

@afuturemodern There will be more CFPs in the future, so you’ll still have plenty of opportunities to join.

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justice delayed is justice denied…we don’t know what the future holds. people need to eat now

Great statistics! Always are welcome :smiley:
Good luck with all the projects!! :muscle:t2: :muscle:t2: