Specific questions about budget line items

Hi Chris and Erika,

I’ve got a couple of questions about which information goes into which row in the budget section of the grant application.

Is this a good place to ask those questions? Or should I message directly?
I’m booked into the Office Hours for next Thursday, but I’d love to get a jump on it if I can.


Hi Adam, feel free to ask the questions here and/or in the office hours.

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Thanks Chris!

My first question is… for money already spent on developing a PoC should that go into the Earned Income section of Funding, or the In-kind contributions from applicant? Or is it not relevant at all, and the budget is just to track future spending?

My second question is, should the budget be in USD?

Lastly, I’m in the US, but my IT company is based in Australia. Does that cause any complications or should I look into setting up a new company in the US for my project?

Should not be an issue, no need to set up a US company for this

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Great! Thanks Chris, that’s extremely helpful and kind of a relief.

Do you mind me asking as a follow up, what is the “In-kind contributions from applicant” field row in the budget for? I don’t quite understand it.

Let’s say you are going to put in $5k of your own money/self investment…thats how you would note that

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