Tech that helps Product makers / Creators

I’ve been talking to a lot of physical designers over the past 12 months - e.g. of fashion, furniture, art.

In the current web ecosystem, independent designers are at the mercy of large retailers and e-commerce platforms. This is because so much of what people see (and end up buying) online is determined by big marketing budgets (i.e. if you don’t have a big marketing budget it can be hard to cut through the noise).

Not only do the retailers take 50%+ of the sale value, but they also stifle the creativity of the designers they buy from (because if the things they make don’t align with how the retailer sees the world they won’t stock them). The designer is worse off and so are online consumers.

The focus of Grant for the web seems to be on content creators, but I would ask that you also consider these creators - many of whom are almost completely web dependent for selling their products.

Thanks for your post, Alex! Product designers are certainly on our minds as we think about what communities are part of the web ecosystem. This group was highlighted yesterday when we did a collaborative ecosystem mapping exercise at MozFest.