Terrell Incarceration Insured

I have developed the idea of a form of Insurance that is strictly for individuals who become detained and incarcerated in any state DOC facility or county within. This protects inmates from incidents that go unrecognized and unpunished because of staff negligence such as rapes , assaults , harrassment issues, constitutional rights that are violated, medical negligence etc… My website for my business will be alerted when a client’s name or DOC number is entered into that particular database. This lets us know that for whatever reason an issue needs to be looked into or addressed legally. All Judicial information will be current and knowledgeable to the public and for the businesses personal needs to ensure that our clients are taken care of while incarcerated. The premium will be based on the individuals criminal history and if , in fact , action is taken on our behalf against the institution and or staff legal assistance is on stand by . This will cut the crime rate in half because when the inmate goes in the staff and facilities are aware of the individuals protection because of this Insurance.
I want to thank the online resources available that taught me coding , software development , web development and just technology in general…You changed my life now I can change others also…