The Future Technology for Teachers and Education

Tron Teachers

Was created and designed for everyone in the field of #Education earn a dividend every 6 months! Teachers all over the world are well unpaid. We all have family members, friends that teach. This includes home school mom and dads, trade school teachers, bus drivers, everyone affiliated with any educational program.

The goal with Tron Teachers is to fix our debt in education and give back to hard working teachers all over world who need the extra income.

Help teachers pay off student loans, extra material for class room.

We also developed a plan for students to earn teach to help pay for school or what they need at the time.

Students who earn teach will have a graduation wallet that they can not touch until they 21st birthday!

Due to the U.S.A. required you to be 21 years of age to be able to trade.

Adults, Day Traders, Parents, and people all over the world could trade TEACH from a mobile app or website.

People ask how will can we pay a teachers all over the world.

The TEACH app will give access to TEACHERS, STUDENTS and DAY TRADERS.

The app will included a social media plate form for everyone to access. Being active on the social media plate form, Everyone can post a picture, comment, and videos.

If anyone LIKES the picture or video, they would automatically #TIPPING that person.

Commenting or any action towards the post or picture will automatically tip that Teacher, Student, Parent or Day Trader.

The good thing about this is you can TIP with any cryptocurrency in your wallet.

Control your TIP setting, you can set it to a min. of 1 cent per LIKE OR COMMENT!

Our Like button is called the GJ button (Great Job)

90% of your TIP go s straight to the teacher, parent or day trader.

10% Go back to the TRON TEACHERS TEAM!

On the app Teachers, Parents and Day Traders will have access to the EXCHANGE only!

Adults will be able to traded, deposit and withdrawn their funds anytime.

Students or kids under 21, Parents or gradient will have full control of their childs wallet!

Giving no access to the exchange for trade.

People ask, why use TEACH, TRON (TRX) we can use for TIPPING too.

The Tron TRX token has access to many Dapps and casino games, which wouldn’t be a good idea to have kids all over the world in high school gambling.

On our exchange, will be the best in the world having fees only at 1 cent per trade.

Trading TEACH or TIPPING with teach will cost anyone 1 cent. Trading or tipping with any other currency will cost any 2 cents.

Even Trading 100 bitcoin will cost you only 2 cent, amazing!

The top exchanges all over the world make millions to billions a day from fees and trading.

This would create volume and more money for teachers.

1 cents to trade teach, 2 cents to trade any other currency, 90% go to a WORLD WIDE TEACHERS BANK which will always be in real time!

Any teachers signed up with the program will receive a dividend divided by the number of teachers on the platform.

Summer time and Winter break is payout.

Extra money in the summer and the winter since teacher don’t get paid for time off.

Adults would be able to earn interest on their crypto as well by freezing it in the ICE BOX.

The ICE BOX will give everyone a chance to earn more crypto by putting it on ice.

Please remember, You can unfreeze your crypto anytime by removing it from the ICE BOX with one click of a button.

Hoping that one day we would be able to purchase books and educationally materials at book store in any school in the world.

Adding games and task to the app for children and students to earn more TEACH coins.

Image a 5th grader TIPPING a teacher in china by liking (GJ) her picture or comment.

Image your child’s teacher TIPPING your child for a job well done.

On the media side of the app or website, you will be able to create groups and clubs that anyone can join.

You can go live on the social media side and earn TEACH for every min your live with your group.

For ex. Tron Teachers groups, Bitcoin teachers groups, XRP teachers groups or Crypto Clubs.

Anyone who has a channel they wanna upload, this is part of teaching and learning about cryptocurrency.