The Krowd - Building a Trustworthy Social Platform Business Model

The really big issue for Internet privacy is how social platforms collate and sell our data. I object to the idea that if I want to use the web socially i have to allow my data to be shared to meet the platform providers business objectives (that are evolving and unstated - so fail any consent test - and treat us as the product for sale).
However - the bigger issue is the sheer size of these platforms as they have become unmanageable and thus havens for the lowest denominator of social contributor, who drive out the positive contributors by trolling, fake news, doxing etc. So digital and social have the lowest trust rating of any type of digital platform now - Thx Facebook!

As Grant for the Web correctly identifies the key issue is the business model. But consumers also expect their social platforms to be free. How does one address these conflicting issues and operate ethically and address the issues of unmanageable scale too?

In short, what we do with the Krowd is

  1. Focus on data minimisation - we cannot lose or abuse what we don’t have
  2. Look at the Internet as a 100M public intranets where people can digitally engage on the basis of place
  3. Give tools to place owners to orchestrate their instance of the Krowd, add services they derive value from through public participation - and give them the tools to apply their local cultural norms and moderation opportunity to their localised instance of the platform. Place owners pay - the public does not. No perosnal data is exchanged - instead we monetise the engagement opportunity. Think of it like a whatsapp group chat for places that anyone can get into by being there - or a twitter feed dedicated to a venue.

The Krowd thus becomes a constructive tool for digital community building that reconnects people back to place and allows local norms to prevail for moderation.

To know more see my trust talk at MyData 2016 here and our trust model that is accessible there too.

What I am looking for is

  1. Financial support to help us build out this value proposition from this initiative
  2. Ad partners who can help us integrate non profiling/tracking advertising/marketing into the platform - treating our platform as a place based digital forum or display space on every phone users device.

Who do you advise we talk to?


We’ll be opening Calls for Proposals around Grant for the Web in early 2020. I’d encourage you to stay tuned here or sign up for our email newsletter to get updates on the program. We’ll have more details about the projects we’re looking to fund, and you can decide if you’d like to apply. Also, there will be numerous calls over the program, so even if one isn’t approp[riate others might be.

These will be competitive grants, not venture investments.

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Thx I will check back 2020.

Anyone developing the kind of privacy preserving ad models or transaction support models that want a platform to test/develop within, do get in contact. Happy to work collaboratively with the right-minded entities.


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Hi @ManintheKrowd do you have an API we can plug our Kendraio App into?

He @dahacouk you website is not clear - what do you do?

Hi @ManintheKrowd . You can read a short version at:

And there’s more information about Kendraio App in the at:

You could try launching the MusicBrainz flow in the cloud tab to see the App in action.

And there are a few videos at:

We are not launching as yet, but we are onboarding/integrating service providers that have APIs (read only and read/write) into the dashboard App.

Hope that helps.

Cheers Daniel

While I get the openness element of the platform, and the implied assertion of control of content to rights owners, what i don’t see is clarity on how trust is built in the platform. Lets start with

  1. security model?
  2. privacy model? - rights hoder and rights accesser

We don’t have an API yet - we are 1st focussed on place based engagement i a trustworthy social context - however once engagement moves to transaction (e.g. at a gig - buy music content) - then rights becomes part of that so medium term we are open to discussions about this longer term, probably early for us now.
Strategically we are 1st looking for entities that align with our principles around trustworthy digital engagement, or more importantly don’t deliberately or inadverdently undermine them.