This community space moves permanently on June 1, 2021

Hi all,

Following up on our earlier post, we wanted to remind you to join our :sparkles:new and improved :sparkles: Web Monetization community space:

This is the home for all things Grant for the Web and Web Monetization. It’s free to use and you can even browse the site without an account. Best of all, if you have a payment pointer you can Web Monetize your posts. :point_right: And if you browse with Web Monetization enabled you can support others in the community!

Be sure to check out great content like the Weekly Roundup posts for the latest developments in the Web Monetization ecosystem, and the #grant reports hashtag for a direct path to all the fantastic work from Grant for the Web’s first cohort of grantees.

We’ll be shutting down this page on June 1, 2021 so please join us at to continue the conversation.

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