Tracking user content consumption and privacy

If the tech doesn’t know what content you visit, as per the FAQ, then how does it know who and how much to pay out?

Further, if there is a fixed $5 subscription and the money is transferred in real-time when viewing content, then how does it know how much to send? What if it runs out after 1 week, then no more payout the rest of the month?

When I go to the store, and buy something for $5, and hand the cashier a $5-dollar bill, everything works, and “the tech” doesn’t know what “content” I visited. Can we make the transaction more like that? I’d go even further: make the tech even more protective of my privacy than going to the store and paying cash. Somebody could take my picture at the store, or the cashier might remember my visit. What kind of tech would let me spend $5 without revealing any other information about me? This is similar to a “double blind” experiment, where the encoding makes it difficult to find out who is getting what medicine.

It’s not possible to do that on the Internet. There are steps you can take to make a transaction more private, like use a VPN, pay with Bitcoin, checkout as a guest, etc. But everything leaves a trail. You can make the trail harder to follow, but you can’t not leave one.