Trying a few things out pre Mozilla Festival

We’re going to be trying out Web Monetization of transcribed video for the Mozilla Festival and in anticipation of that we’ve transcribed a few interviews with facilitators of the Creative AI Space – the landing page is bare bones but I think the Interactive Transcripts turned out OK …

On the subject of conferences – I’ve also been liaising with @nicol to transcribe the CiviCRM conference that took place last year – here’s an example of the results (All web monetized).

It’s been really useful to liaise with @nicol to see what conferences need from Hyperaudio.

We’ll be doing much more during the Mozilla Festival itself – I’ll keep you all posted!

In the meantime, if anybody wants to try things out the Hyperaudio Wordpress Plugin and Hyperaudio Lite Library are being regularly updated. And I’m happy to help anyone get started with them.

@maboa this is great! I just want to make sure know about the MozFest projects we’re collecting on the Web Monetization Community Space. As part of our festival activities, we’re hosting a project gallery for any WM-related project (it’s not limited to grantees - everyone is welcome). Please feel free to showcase Hyperaudio!

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