Web Monetisation survey - we are looking for partnerships!

Hi everybody

Ben here from Vivid IoV Labs in London, we’ve recently formed to work on web 3.0 tech following a couple of hackathon wins with UCL, Ripple and Near Protocol.

We have put together a very short survey and we’re looking for partnerships too, please spare a few mins to help us out and please leave your email in your response if you would like to have a chat about possible collaborative or partnership opportunities. Many thanks!

Web Monetisation survey


That first question was difficult. I could have used an “all of the above” button ha ha ha.

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Haha, thanks for the feedback! The options when creating the form were fairly limiting, but we can catch up soon to discuss this further :+1:

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Huge thanks to everyone who has sent in answers to the survey so far :raised_hands: it is greatly appreciated and we look forward to utilising the feedback in our development plans. Please do get involved if you haven’t already, we would love to hear from as many people in and around the web mon space as possible. Thank you, Ben