Web Monetization API

Web Monetization is a JavaScript browser API that provides an open, native, efficient, and automatic way to compensate creators, pay for API calls, and support crucial web infrastructure. Learn more at webmonetization.org.

Coil has proposed the Web Monetization API as an open web standard to the W3C Web Incubator Community Group

For detailed documentation of the standard, read the explainer and the Web Monetization Draft Community Group Report Coil submitted to the W3C.

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Cool! I took a hack day yesterday and implemented the full api and created a demo site.

Come check it out:


Something cool will happen if you monetize the page. There’s also vanilla javascript code for you to use in your projects.



whoops, the website is testwebmonetization.com, not .org :slight_smile:

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how about editing the original reference?

would like to, but it’s not showing the “pencil” icon next to my post for some reason. Not sure why–I can edit other posts.

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As you can see, we’re still working out the bugs in this new forum :bug: @jamescmarch I’ve changed the settings to allow single character posts, and @simmer_io I edited the link in your earlier post to .com.


Aah sweet, thanks @erika

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Does that mean when Web Monetization is implemented by the browsers the site you have setup can start receiving money / payments?

No as long as you have your site web monetized and the user has Coil (or similar service) then the streaming money starts. The goal is for the standard to be natively in the browsers. Curremtly it is an add-on in Firefox and an extension in chrome. The start up Puma mobile browser is already web monetized.

What about deciding on if, and how much, I want to donate to the given page? Do you expect the user agent to measure it and decide it on its’ own? Or would the provider do it?

What I really like in Brave is that it measures the donation values automatically, but the user:

  • can still ‘retract’ a donation
  • can decrease/increase a donation

In Brave AFAIK it is done because donations are being given in the end of the month.
In Web Monetization API, how would that be done? Can a donation be retracted, before it is given to the content creator?

Asking this, because obviously the amount of time you spend on a website is not related to the value it actually gives you (and the donation you’d like to give it as a content consumer). I assume we don’t want a situation from Facebook/TV to repeat in here, in which people create meaningless content in order only to obtain the time and attention of other users.


Agreed. There should be options.

I think it’s a flat time to value ratio I posted in another post. If I’ve done my calculations correct the payment for a 5 minute post is next to nothing.

If the rate per minute is .011 of a cent and the post takes 5 minutes to read that’s .05 of a cent. We don’t have rent control or affordable housing yet.

On most social networks you can give one upvote. On Medium you can give as many claps as you want (I don’t know if you run out of claps).

If you can say, “For Medium multiply the ratio x 100”. And it gives you the total, “That’s 10 cents a minute dude!” and then after you leave a site it will show, “The post / site your read received a quarter” then buttons [OK | Change].

And maybe incorporate upvote downvotes that have no monetary value so people can show appreciation if we don’t have a UBI by then.

The Tipalink solution (https://www.tipalink.com) lets donors decide how much, how often, and for what page. It works through a plugin that can be added to a website or by installing the browser extension. An API will be made available soon. Tips accumulate in a user’s tab, which works much like a bar or restaurant tab. I’d appreciate any thoughts/feedback you may have it you have a second to check it out, thanks.