Web Monetization roundtable with Handbook Events & GrantForTheWeb

Join us in a discussion about a new way to make money from your content. Users pay for what they view without having to subscribe.

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About this Event

We are holding a discussion about a new way to support creatives and activists. You can contribute, listen, ask questions, and do some research in the background.

We’ll start with a 10-minute presentation and then move around different video rooms. There will be discussions with experts in the following areas:

  • Journalism
  • Podcasting
  • Community
  • Organizing
  • Game development
  • Comics

Sounds exciting, I’ll try to be there!

I really enjoyed this roundtable, had a few cool discussions!

There’s going to be a second event that will happen on Friday July 24th, although the time fits EU based folks better - it’s going to start 10 AM CEST.


How do I join this event? Eventbrite doesn’t provide any information after I signed up a few days ago.

Would have loved to join, but I really cannot find any way to join the event. There’s just no info regarding how to join. :confused:

They are suppose to send you a link to a video meetup right before the start. You can follow the contents of https://webmonetization.guide/ as we switched from the original platform to Google Meet and pasted the links there.

Okay, seems like that email wasn’t sent out properly, I didn’t get one at least and signed up a few days ago.

Next time. :slight_smile:

I also had problems, didn’t get any confirmation at all, and the one saying “meeting starts in 30 mins” was delivered 22 minutes late - hope it will go smoother in the future :wink: