Where are the Creatives?

Wondering if anyone has done a survey or breakdown on where to find the creatives and publishers?

Platforms used: self-hosted site (Coil candidates), youtube, behance, unity, (the list goes on but do we have a list?)

Types of creatives: fine art, videographers, writers, (the list goes on but do we have a list)?

This know-your-market list will no doubt be useful for focusing our efforts and surveying all the pain points. I’ll likely just start a Google Spreadsheet as a baseline, but for now, feel free to point me in the right direction or share your insight.

GretNet.com – tracking the value of your creation

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Hi Jon,

We are a Spark-level recipient, producing an Internet governance history and futures podcast. Our website is self-hosted and we are currently developing some ‘exclusive’ features on our website for Coil subscribers. We’d love to connect with other creatives, too!

Best wishes,
Ayden from POWER PLAYS