Why not tipping for accepting monetary support?

Tipping supplements service worker salaries (bartenders, servers, baristas, musicians, etc.) offline, why not extend to offer as a monetization option online?

Tipping gives people the power to chose how much and how often to support people. Rather than automatically distributing a fixed or limited amount at a certain interval, you open up the possibility for ad-hoc discrete payments.

Tipalink.com provides a service that extends tipping from the creator to creator’s content. Tips can be received on the web address, or “link”, of a web page - which may contain an article, a project, artwork, etc. Some may give nothing (most already do this), some may give $1 per article per month, some “big tippers” and enthusiastic supporters might drop considerably more and/or more often.


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does it possible to integrate another sources of money to your system (e.g. crypto)?

and what do you think about cooperation with similar projects? The thing is Musicoin project provide tipping system, but atm you can tip only musicians on the platform

imo, it’d be great if you and Musicoin team will cooperate and make tipping more advanced

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Yes, it is possible to integrate many payment solutions. There is one activated right now for processing credit cards and I will be adding Bitcoin by the end of this month (January). I plan on adding multiple additional options after that.

The way it works is the beneficiary (user receiving the tips) decides which payment options to accept and enable. When a tipper decides to pay out the tips on their tab, then they must use one of the payment options configured by a particular beneficiary. I plan on creating some screenshots and videos to explain and show this process.

I am definitely onpen to cooperation with other projects. In fact, most recently I have been completing an API for others to integrate tipping as a service into their projects. This will add features from Tipalink like tipping urls and queuing tips into a tab.

I will reach out to the Musicoin team, thanks for that suggestion and thanks for your reply!

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Yeah, in this case you can check Musicoin page on GFTW - https://forum.grantfortheweb.org/t/musicoin-is-helping-musicians/427

hope you’ll find way to cooperate with this great project

Have a good day

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Firstly, any culture that requires tipping before a worker’s salary even reaches the poverty line ( much less actually passing it ), is a fundamentally sick society … secondly, if everyone who needs more money has to suck up to those that already have it, not only is this utterly demeaning, but it also inevitably leads to those people with the money getting to dictate how you do what you’re doing, which means they have the power to undermine everything you’re trying to achieve, either by not giving you money, or demanding changes in order to receive it, and they will absolutely do this to crush things they’re ideologically opposed to … and if you need a thirdly after that: the amount of money required for complex projects is proportional to the scale and scope of their agenda, and if you have to spend time sucking up to people to get money, then it’s time you’re not spending on the quality of what you’re actually doing … it’s an utterly distracting waste of your time.


@GalacticPrez Accepting tips does not follow solely from “sucking up” to others. People give tips to show their appreciation and support for a creator and/or his/her service. I agree with you that employers should pay more if they can. But I’m also a realist; just because there should be world peace (it’s better for everyone, no?), doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. So, short of changing the hearts and minds of employers and others with the means, but not the will, to help distribute some money… I see tipping as one (of multiple) ways to help. What do you propose?

Edit: I’d like to add that I appreciate your response and empathize with your points of view

There is no valid excuse for how awful the minimum wage is in the USA, none whatsoever, it should be much higher, and anyone guilty of paying less than it should be up on CRIMINAL charges, as this constitutes an abuse of people’s human rights, which is 100% certain to cause suffering, which means it is without question within the purview of Tort Law ( damages ).

It is not an issue of changing employers hearts and minds, they literally shouldn’t have the option in the first place … either they plan their business properly and seek appropriate funding to get off the ground, or they don’t start the business … this is what banks are supposed to be for, and this is what a social safety net is supposed to be for.

Wage depression and social inequality are certainly pressing (and worsening) issues. But it’s up to the US legislature (and those that fund their campaigns) whether to raise the minimum wage. Sadly, I don’t see those wills changing. Likewise, I don’t hold much hope on changing employers’ hearts and minds.

I’m doing my part to help where I can by creating Tipalink and giving people an easy opportunity to accept extra support online. It’s a model that’s been proven to help in many service industries here in the US (sometimes dramatically increasing annual incomes); regardless of the morality (or criminality?) of salaries.