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I am very interested in content monetization. A long time ago, I mistakenly expected us to soon have micropayments for content. I even purchased some credits from BitPass (check them out on Wikipedia)

In 2011, I founded the WikiSuite project, which has since become

WikiSuite’s cost to develop is well over $US50 million:

WikiSuite’s main content tool is Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware. It already permits payments and permissions. And we tried to use this with community currencies such as CClite. This didn’t have the success we hoped for.

Congrats to all involved in the Grant for the Web and the related Open Standards! We’ll add as a built-in (but optional) feature of Tiki. Not a 3rd party plugin.

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Marc Laporte
WikiSuite, Founder


Hi Marc, I have some idea why the CClite approach did not work, but would be interested to hear your side of the story - if you find the time. Thanks.

Hi Sano!

Thanks for bringing up this topic. I look forward to reading your analysis.

Challenges of CClite:

  • Requires installing an application
  • Written in Perl
  • Lone developer

For something to work, we need:

  • A large enough community
  • Capacity to easily deploy in any app
  • Some hosted instance with the possibility of self-hosting
  • Ideally a community which proposes multiple solutions like IndieWe. Ex.:
  • It needs to eventually be built-in to the tools people use. Ex.: browsers. And not depend on plugins:


This is how I see the problem: You, I, and many other FOSS developers, volunteers, or participants in crowdsourced projects are public goods providers. We are here on this forum, because we are not happy with how this category of workers is rewarded. We found out that we do not really want to be public goods providers - we have bills to pay and likes or download counts can’t help with that. On the other hand, we also like the freedom we have in choosing what to work on and feel that everybody (most people) should benefit from our work. So we do not want to turn our products into private goods either. There is our dilemma.

Just like other folks here I have a proposal to the problem as I see it, but therein lies also my point: Other people might see the problem otherwise, so I think we should try to agree on the diagnosis first, because even from your list it is apparent that there are a number of use cases and requirements that other folks are likely to expand on that will be hard to comprehensively address if we do not have a shared goal.

“I think we should try to agree on the diagnosis first”

I am very comfortable with what I see as a mission statement. And no one would invest this huge amount of money without a clear vision / plan. Let’s all help in any way we can.

Once a pipeline between consumers and creators is established, it can be expanded. For example, Grant for the Web could be adapted for software usage.

But at this point, I suggest to just start with the “Simplest Thing That Could Possibly Work”

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